5 Moments That Blew Us Away at the PLOT 2017!

Did you catch any of these special moments that went down in Parra Park?

Kuren brings out a very special guest

Kuren is maturing at a rapid pace, going from strength to strength incorporating his own vocals into his songs and recently collaborating with the likes of Illy. He surprised us all by bringing the legendary Dylan Frost of Sticky Fingers up on stage and belting out a brand new tune they crafted together! Two forces have joined and we can’t wait to spin it on repeat once it’s released!

Mallrat & Alice Ivy team up to cover a classic!

Talk about getting the crowd going! It’s such a rad moment when artists get on stage together unexpectedly, especially when they cover ‘Crave You’ by Flight Facilities! It got the crowd jumping and it’s yet another case of “Ya should have been there” ;)

Dean Lewis sings happy birthday to his Mumma

Photo: Mikki Gomez

What a moment, seeing your son up on stage playing a live festival after extensive touring around Europe. That in itself is worthy of a few tears, let alone him bringing her up on stage to sing her happy birthday on her special day! #JustCuteFamilyThings

Getting down to Confidence Man’s perfectly choreographed set

They sure know how to set the party mood don’t they! Even their hype track before they come on stage had the whole crowd, even the photographers in the photo pit dancing, free of inhibitions! They dropped their signature tracks ‘Better Sit down Boy’, ‘Bubblegum’ and fan fave ‘Boyfriend’ along with a few quirky unreleased tracks! The combo of Janet Planet, Sugar Bones + Reggie & Clarence of course, brought Parra Park to its knees – literally!

Old and new familiar faces in the crowd

Did you spot any familiar faces in the crowd this year? You may have spotted E^ST dancing around having a great time before later taking the stage for a song with Mallrat, one of the Kinder girls getting amongst the fun, and lanky boy LANKS was also spotted! Among our PLOT alumni, artists like Northeast Party House, Alex The Astronaut, Dean Lewis & Mallrat were seen roaming around the festival throughout the day saying hey to all their fans and grabbing a photo. See! They’re just like regular humans who enjoy festivals just as much as you!

Northeast Party House - Photo by Jess Gleeson

E^ST - Photo by Jess Gleeson

LANKS - Photo by Jess Gleeson

Alex The Astronaut - Photo by Jess Gleeson

Dean Lewis - Photo by Gabriel Vallido

Kinder - Photo by James Simpson

Mallrat - Photo by Mikki Gomez
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